Make it yours / Annemarie Hartsuiker - The Make

Lifestyle blogger and freelance creative – we’re talking about Annemarie who is working for The Make one day a week. With carefully selected tools and skills she expresses her vision and creates content for online and offline campaigns.  Ultimately passion is the key force that drives her work. 

How do you define your style?

"Difficult! It's not particulary one style but more a fine mix of vintage and designer items. If I have to describe it in one word it would be eclectic."

What is sustainable fashion for you?

"For me, it means that you have to think before you buy. I've studied fashion, and have been to India for a sustainable fashion project. Here I've seen that there is a difference in how fashion is made. It's possible to buy something nice that doesn't hurt anyone. When I didn't have much budget, I was always looking for cute second hand finds. Now I still do it because it's nice to re-use items and it safes you money. Money that you can invest in more expensive but fair designer items. Smart right:)

A woman who inspires you when it comes to dressing

"Not only one woman. Many women inspire me. I love a casual chique french style. Breton stripe, red lips and a nice loafer or high heel! But sometimes I'am attracted to a minimalistic look as well. It depends on my mood."

What would you never wear, no matter how trendy it became?

"Clothes that doesn't fit your size. If you choose garments that are too tight, you look like a sausage roll. Better pick one size bigger instead. It feels more comfortable too!"

If you had to choose only one garment for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

"A classic trenchcoat will do! Like the Cambridge Coat from The Make."