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Kath from Kath-a-Porter visited us in our Showroom in Andelst. Just like us, Kathleen loves slow fashion and knows how to make your wardrobe sustainable. Kath-a-Porter offers a variety of services all with sustainable products to give you the joy of a new look, a conscious mind, and a gracious attitude. What’s not to love? 

We love your style, can you describe it in words?

"First of all, thank you for the compliment and for having me over. It has been inspiring and energizing:-) I am not sure how I would define my style, there is definitely a French touch in it, due to my teenage years which I spent in France. In general, I like women to look elegant and strong (not too girly).

The Make Slow Fashion

I love pants with flair or straight legs. This '70s and '60s style inspires me, together with the wide shoulders from the '80s, I would say. A good pair of jeans (no skinny’s) with a simple tee can be stunning. A beautiful colored sweater, a sexy catsuit, or a suit for women are among my favorites."

What are your sustainable fashion values?

"Apart from trying to buy only pre-loved and sustainable products as much as I can, I tend to think we should go back to the source and try to reduce our overall consumption behavior. New clothes are like drugs, they make you feel good and you want to have more to get that same kick. We need to get rid of that addiction."

Why did you start Kath-a-Porter?

"I started Kath-a-Porter because I did no longer want to be part of the traditional (fast) fashion chain."

How do you experience The Make?

"Craftsmanship, modest, open, friendly, honest and dedicated."

Describe your perfect wardrobe

"A few basics (white blouse/tee/trousers) in neutral colors and great sustainable qualities. A good pair of jeans. One or 2 sweaters in soft yarns in trendy colors and a new shape. A pair of boots, heels, and sneakers. Denim /cord jumpsuit. And a velvet black man suit or a catsuit to go out at night. Good hair and some make- up."

What was your best vintage find?

"A pair of fantastic high leather beige boots from the '70s."

Which item from The Make do you love the most?

"The New York coat, because it’s a classic item that fits almost every occasion, can be styled up and down and is made with attention for details."

The Make New York Coat

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