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Make it Yours / Patricia Janssen

For our first shoot we’ve worked with Patricia Janssen, a creative model with a great sense of style. Besides modelling she has an inspirational platform where she shares her favourite places, products and everything that inspires her.  Her favourite item from the make is the classic Cambridge Coat.


What does fashion mean to you?

"I’ve never been interested in fashion as a product, but as something which defines an identity."

What is the most special piece in your wardrobe and why?

"The trench coat is the most special piece, because it's classic, that I love and that I like to wear again & again!"

Can you define your style, and how does it resonate with The Make?

"My style is pure, clean, simple & comfortable. A kind of freedom. It’s a mix of something glamorous with something casual."

What inspires you?

"I am inspired by many things at the same time. My own daily life, my work and the people in the streets. I really try to stay open and take in the beauty that’s all around me!"

How long do you expect your clothes to last these days? 

"I’ve never been about fashion and trends. I believe in design that has a lasting integrity."


What is the average age of the items in your wardrobe?

"Average has no age, good quality is very important."


What do you love the most about our Cambridge Coat?

"The cambridge coat could be for everyone!"

Cambridge coat The Make on Patricia Janssen

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