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Take care of your clothes

Part of the environmental impact is caused during the user phase. Our clothes are made with a lot of love and attention. With good care you can extend the life of your clothes. Timeless clothing that stays beautiful for a long time has less impact on the environment.

Washing and drying in a tumble dryer costs a lot of water and energy and affects the fiber. We advise you to air your clothes regularly and not to wash them too often. It is better for your clothes and for the environment to wash at a low temperature. Stains can usually be treated well with green soap and are easily removed with washing. Test this on a small, inconspicuous place first.

Our clothes are not suitable for a tumble dryer. If the clothes are taken to a dry cleaner, we recommend choosing an eco-dry cleaner that works with biodegradable chemicals. Another valuable piece of advice is to buy clothes that fit a little looser around the body. If clothing has less friction and tension, wear and tear will occur less quickly, and the garment will last longer.

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Repair Service

We advise you not to wear clothes too tight. This has two advantages: you look slimmer, and the clothes wear out less quickly. And does your coat ever lose a button or does the zipper break? We offer the service to repair your garment from The Make free of charge if it you can’t do it yourself.