Production in our privately owned production atelier

Most of The Make's designs are produced in our own production atelier in the city of Torun in Poland, which allows us to guarantee fair working conditions and a healthy working environment. This is quite unique in the fashion industry. Poland is a low-risk country in terms of working conditions. In our production atelier, 35 people, mainly women, work with great dedication and pride on our clothing.

The production is supervised by the owner Hans himself. For more than 30 years, he has been visiting his ateliers or his production partners every month and guarantees responsible production. There is a close relationship with everyone involved in the production process.

For example, the employees in the studio had a say in the wage scales. They have collectively opted for equal wages for all. They earn a living wage that is in any case 20% higher than the minimum wage in the textile sector in Poland. The working hours are from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. so that most of the women can combine work and family. All social facilities are well organized and there are two breaks each day.


Inclusive size range

Our clothing is made in sizes 34 up to 46/48. We want to make our collection accessible to as many women as possible, regardless of age, body length or clothing size. When creating designs and patterns, we take both smaller and larger sizes into account.


No waste

The patterns of our designs and first samples are made in our studio and showroom in Andelst. The seamstresses look for possibilities to cut patterns in a way that gives as least waste as possible, so that no material gets lost. In addition, attention is paid to the bottom hems of trousers. These are made extra wide, so that the clothing falls more beautifully and can also be easily adjusted. With this we ensure that the clothing fits better and is worn longer or can be custom-made by the next wearer.

After the samples have been approved, we determine the numbers for production. We deliver directly to our customers, the end consumer. Direct to consumer. The Make believes in responsible stock volumes to prevent waste. We only buy what is needed and do not waste any materials during the cutting, processing, and stitching of the designs.

We do not design and produce new collections every season. A part of the collection will be permanently available, we call this part of the collection “Wardrobe Classics. In addition, the permanent collection is supplemented with new editions.


Responsible Production The Make