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Ethics & Sustainability 

The journey towards sustainability is a never-ending one, but a goal to which The Make is deeply committed. 

Last beyond season 

One of our key principles is to offer timeless, high quality garments that last a lifetime. We want you to wear our pieces for years to come! Investing in high quality fabrics and craftsmanship is implicit in the way we work. 

Made in Europe

We have our own factory in Poland so we can guarantee the best working conditions for all employees. Our company believes in responsible stock volumes to avoid waste. 

Cutting out the middleman

We cut out the middleman and deliver straight from the factory to consumers. This enables us to manage the entire supply chain and get closer to our customers. So no need for warehouses to store our products and excess stock. And by avoiding unnecessary journeys, we minimise our environmental impact. 


We use attractive reusable packaging, which you can use to store your investment pieces.

Solar panels 

Our head office has had solar panels installed for self-sufficiency. 

In balance with nature

Our head office is based in a beautiful historic building which has been renovated to reflect our brand identity. Here we are surrounded by nature and we love to look after our garden. There’s a spot in the yard where we keep bees. Beekeeping is a wonderful and hugely rewarding experience. Fruit-bearing and flowering plants need pollinating to produce seeds. So when you ask for honey in your tea, you get our own. And the eggs we have for lunch are laid by our own chickens.