Copy of MATERIAL WE USE - The Make


 High quality fabrics

The choice of fabric is always central to the design. All materials must be of high quality and have the right drape that we have in mind. The clothing must be able to last for a long time and preferably also be given a second life.


 Directly from the source

Our chain is fully transparent and traceable. After all, we buy directly from the source: we order the fabrics and supplies from the manufacturers ourselves. This is not the case with the regular and larger brands. Usually, fashion clothing is made through agents or intermediate offices (middle man) by clothing manufacturers that order the materials themselves. As a result, many brands have no idea whether they are getting what they ordered. In future editions, we want to take even further steps in investigating where the raw materials of the fabrics come from.

All fabrics and haberdashery are then sent to our own production atelier in Poland for quality control. The fabrics are tested for pills, color fastness and tensile strength. This to ensure longevity of the fabrics.


Long-lasting materials

The Make always opts for high-quality materials. The garments must be able to last a lifetime, that is the starting point. The first edition of The Make consists of 30 garments made of high-quality viscose, cotton, polyester/viscose blend, polyester, viscose/linen blend, polyamide/ elastane blend and knitted cashmere.

About 25% of these materials are GOTS or Oekotex certified. Part of the first edition is made from dead stock. Fabrics left over from productions by former customers of our production atelier. We first use these existing materials before ordering new ones.

For future editions, we will choose sustainable and certified materials as much as possible, always paying attention to the technical lifespan of these materials. Ultimately, we strive to find a good balance in materials with a long lifespan, a low environmental impact and a high degree of luxury and wearing comfort. Materials that we would like to use (more) include GOTS certified cotton, Responsible virgin wool (certified), Certified cashmere, recycled cashmere, certified linen, cupro, certified viscose (Eco-Vero by Lenzing), recycled cotton and regenerated wool .

We are aware of the fact that we can make even more sustainable choices. Because of the high climate impact or because of the danger to animal welfare, we do not use silk, fur, imitation fur, leather, imitation leather and angora.


Care of our clothing during the user phase

Part of the environmental impact is caused during the user phase. Our clothing is designed and produced with a lot of love and attention. We tell our customers that by taking good care of their clothes, they can extend the life of their clothes. Timeless clothing that stays beautiful for a long time has less of an impact on the environment. Washing and drying (in a tumble dryer) costs a lot of water and energy and also affects the fiber.

We advise you to air your clothes regularly and not to wash them unnecessarily often. Our clothes are not suitable for a tumble dryer. If the clothes are taken to a dry cleaner, we recommend choosing an eco-dry cleaner that works with biodegradable chemicals. Another valuable piece of advice is to buy clothes that fit a little looser around the body. If clothing has less friction and tension, wear and tear will occur less quickly.