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Ethics & sustainability

The journey towards sustainability is a never-ending one, but a goal to which The Make is deeply committed. We have understood our profession for decades and we love it. It is just that we do it different now. No seasons, no discounts, no impossible deadlines, and workers that have to work unnecessary overtime.

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The Make is a slow fashion brand

One of our key principles is to offer timeless, high-quality garments that last a lifetime. We want people to wear our pieces for years to come. Investing in durable fabrics and craftsmanship is implicit in the way we work. We aim to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry, so we have our own factory in Poland where we can guarantee the best working conditions for all employees. We value sustainable and responsible sourcing and handling of raw materials and products.

Step by step and at our own pace, we create investment pieces that you can wear with pride. Not a single detail escapes our eye. Hems are extra wide, and waistbands can be laid out or taken in. Our limited editions are made in such a way that they can be adapted to personal wishes.



As a Private Label producer, we have been producing clothing in countries such as Poland and Tunisia for over 30 years. Until a few years ago, we worked with larger fashion chains in addition to small high-quality brands.

In 2011, we joined the Fair Wear Foundation for production in Tunisia. The FWF does an annual brand performance check. In our last audit, we achieved the category ‘good’. As a result of various bankruptcies of major Dutch fashion companies, part of our production branch stopped producing clothing in Tunisia in 2018. For this reason, we have terminated our membership of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Out of love for craftsmanship and in response to the fast fashion industry and mass production, we started our own slow fashion label The Make in 2020. The name The Make refers to our expertise in the making process. We have in-depth knowledge of materials and production techniques. Our specialty is making tailored suits, jackets, dresses, and blouses. In other words, well-cut clothing that fits perfectly.

In Poland we have our own production atelier where we produce almost all garments of The Make. We make responsible agreements about working hours, wages and safe working conditions in close consultation with the makers. Read more about responsible production here.