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Made in Europe
Our knowledge and ability to create different styles with iconic pieces are key elements for The Make. Based in the Netherlands, our atelier is responsible for all the designs that are made in Europe. We work with a small and dedicated team of women with over 30 years’ experience. Using their unique and rare skills, they are constantly creating and refining patterns and samples.

Made in Europe 

After the design and sample process, every item is manufactured in our factory in Poland where we have 35 employees working for us. Being based in Europe enables us to guarantee the best working conditions for all our loyal employees who bring such a high level of commitment, drive and passion for design to their role every day.

Another advantage is that we’ve created short production lines and we cut out the middleman by delivering straight to consumers. This way we produce less CO2.

Luxury knitwear from China

The luxury cashmere sweaters and other knitted garments are made by the Cobalt group in China. Please scan the QR code in your sweater and find out more about the Cobalt group. We think it is of great importance to be fully transparent about our sources. Our cashmere garments are made out of a high quality 14 gg yarn from supplier Consinee. Consinee is a yarn supplier that has always placed great importance and emphasis on being ethical and socially responsible, with a true commitment to environmental protection, animal welfare and sustainability.

Visit our showroom and atelier

Our rural located head office in Andelst, houses our showroom and atelier. Give us a call and come and see our collection. We would love to help you make your style choices and present our collection in an intimate setting. Our stylists can also give you great advice on how to choose an outfit and if necessary we can adjust items in our atelier.