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Make it Yours / Dorothee Jennekens

Dorothee joined The Make from the start. As a branding specialist at 'Styling the Essence', she loves the concept of The Make. Working for different brands for over more than 10 years in the fashion industry, she knows that sustainability, craftsmanship and esthetics are key in building a beautiful long-lasting slow fashion brand just like The Make.


How do you see the future in fashion?

"I see a lot of interesting changes in fashion. For example, more women of all ages are choosing to buy fewer clothes that are fair produced and made with love. They combine these items with second-hand designs and create their unique style. In this transition time, the key in changing the industry lies in the hands of the consumer. They can make the change in fashion now!"  

What does fashion mean to you?

"When I was 8 years old my parents bought me an Italian Vogue in Rome. All the images I saw were inspiring and my love for design, esthetics and craftsmanship was born. Since then fashion for me is an expression of a soul and personality." 

What do we find in your wardrobe and why?

"I have several items from brands I worked for like Anecdote, StudioRuig and by-bar.  I love to combine these pieces with second-hand pieces bought online at Kath-a-Porter or in-store at Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerpen where they have a second-hand sale twice a year."

Can you define your style? And how does it resonate with The Make?

"My style is refined, comfortable and clean. I love pieces that I can wear in different ways such as the Lois Blazer from The Make. Styled with a second hand striped sleeve from Dries van Noten and a denim from Simon Miller."

What do you love the must about the Lois Blazer?

"In this blazer you see and feel that it's made with love. What kind of fabric they used, the stitching, the fit, it all comes together. All there experiences of making beautiful garments for other brands, they have put into their own brand, sharing and celebrating their craftmanship."

How long do you expect your clothes to last these days?

"Because I buy less clothes, conscious and only garments I truly love, I want to take care of them and want to enjoy them many years to come. I hope more then 10 years!"