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Make it yours / Karlin van Diggele

Karlin was the first customer that came to our showroom for a personal shopping session and she never left the building. We’re just joking but we’ve spent quite some one-on-one time viewing our timeless, ageless and seasonless designs. With an eye for unique fashion pieces and vintage pearls she knows what she loves.

How did you experience your showroom visit?

"Just as fabulous as the style of the garments! It’s a serene place where you can experiment and create your own style. From classy and timeless to Parisian cool – all items can be styled with your own wardrobe. Clean, well made and luxurious!" 

Glitter pantalon

Tell us about your second-hand designer collection

"My passion is to search for the real gems and to mix and match designer vintage eye catchers with timeless and chique new items. I love to share this passion and I therefore also buy and resell a lot of “new” vintage, items. All items have their own story but share craftsmanship, heritage and most of all, quality. My favourite brands for vintage are YSL, Chanel, Vuitton and Hermès."

What is the best vintage find in your wardrobe and why

"My very vintage 80’s Chanel single flap bag with gold hardware. After all these years it is still in a very beautiful shape and it still has shiny hardware. Just a perfect addition to every outfit and a good investment!"

The Make glitter trousers

How do you combine vintage items with new pieces

"My key pieces are new: such as the Cambridge coat or the Maybel blouse in crisp white. I pair these with a pair of vintage Armani trousers on a chique day with high heels and a small bag. On a more relaxed day I pair these items with high waisted mom jeans, a big Vuitton Noe bag and Chanel ballerina flats."

Can you define your style? And how does it resonate with The Make

"My style is feminine, outspoken with a lot of sparkle and it's seasonless. All my items are interchangeable, bold and well made. I always switch things up and almost never wear the exact same combination. My style is a mix of the old and new. Just as with items from The Make, you shuffle with your style since your style is a mirror of your mood. I’m very happy to pair the glitter pants with a wide sweater or with a lace top and a vintage Hermès belt."

How long do you expect your clothes to last these days?

"Some of my items are thirty years or even older. If you care about your items, buy durable fabrics and invest in timeless shapes you can extend the life of all the items in your wardrobe"

Describe your perfect wardrobe

"Basically I interchange many items. When I buy, I also sell. Still, my wardrobe is way too full. Wardrobe perfection would be not having to think of pairing the items: a wardrobe without seasons where you can mix and match ALL items in it. Good jewellery to top it off, maybe some fabulous bags. Definitely some bright pairs of heels!"