Make it yours / Meritxell Turrado - The Make

Meritxell is a creative marketing student from Groningen, working on her graduation project at The Make. We're very happy with her fresh view and the inspiring content she creates. From video to photos, she knows how to work it! 

Can you describe your style?

"I would say very varied, I like to mix different styles, I can wear sneakers with elegant dresses any day of the week. I would say that the classic and preppy style predominates in my wardrobe. I like special garments, with ruffles, bright colors or voluminous sleeves which I can wear with more classic or basic things like a pair of Levi’s."

What do you love about The Make?

I love the quality of the garments and the love with which each one has been designed and manufactured. I like that they are classic but special, because you can make so many combinations. Garments that make your day better just by wearing them."

If you can choose one item as a key item for your wardrobe, what would it be?

"A white oversized blouse, like the Maybel blouse from The Make. It is an essential piece for me! It adapts to any situation and any season. Under sweaters and jackets in winter and autumn, as an over-shirt in spring or even for long summer days at the beach as kaftan." 

Maybel blouse

What are your sustainable fashion values?

"I had never analyzed my clothing consumption habits until I found The Make, its brand values motivated my change. I learned more about the materials with which the garments are made, the work behind a well-made garment and the most important thing to value my wardrobe more.

Now I think better whether to buy a garment or not, I ask myself several times: Do I really need it? Where has it been manufactured? Will I wear this garment more than once or twice?"

Dreams for the future

"Now that I have just finished my studies at university, I would like to continue working in fashion, especially for brands that have a purpose in this world, beyond producing clothes. Brands that do something good for others. I am personally very motivated by the role of women in society, I would love to be able to help with that. I would like my work to truly serve as another piece in the engine for change."

As a young creative, what do you think are important changes for the industry?

"It is necessary to stop normalizing that a t-shirt costs two euros. We have all thought: how can it be so cheap? And yet we have bought it. More regulations are necessary so it's not allowed that clothing can be manufactured under such bad conditions. Only then two euro t-shirts will stop existing, because they are unsustainable and someone in the chain didn't get a fair share."


Which item from the make you like the most?

"I like all the garments! That makes it easy to work for The Make… But if I have to pick: I'm in love with the Bomary pinky nude pants from the first day I saw them! Although recently the camel suit is one of my new favorites, because of how it makes me feel when I wear it. It increases my confidence just by putting it on."

Pink pants