Make it yours / Samantha Gubbels - The Make

Samantha is part of team The Make for almost two years now. She assist during the whole process and is also the most technical person of our team. You can call her our 'tech girl'. She's responsible for the designs of all the printed matter, updating the webshop, processing orders and making technical sketches.

When did you start being part of The Make? What is the most exciting thing for you about The Make?

"I started working for The Make in 2019 but I already knew the company because of my internship a few years ago. I worked in the atelier during my internship. Now I’m working as a sales assistant for The Make. The most exciting thing was launching the webshop. As a team we spend so much time, effort and work on it."

What things inspire you when it comes to dressing?

"For me it’s about the feeling I get when I see or wear a garment. Fashion is how we express ourselves and it's our way to show the world who we are. Fashion is a universal language that allows women from all backgrounds to express their individuality and tastes through their appearance. I love that, rich or poor, old or young, large or small, any woman can craft a style and a look that conveys her taste and perspective on life to the world."

What advice would you give to a person who is considering starting to buy slow-fashion clothes?

"Look for a brand that matches the values you consider important. Invest in nice quality key items. With good basics in your wardrobe style options will be endless. You can wear them for a longer period than just one season and you will never be out of style."

What garment do you consider essential in your wardrobe?

"A basic white T-shirt , like the Maddy Tee for sure! You can wear it all year long. In the summer with a skirt and a nice pair of sneakers. During the winter underneath a blazer or cardigan with a pair of jeans and boots."

What is your favorite piece from The Make?

"Oh, that’s a difficult one. I like all garments! But if I have to choose, it would be the Jenna pantor the New York coat. The glitter pant (Jenna Pant) is a real eye-catcher. I love to combine outspoken items like these pants with some pretty basics. The New York coat is also one of my favorites. You feel the craftsmanship and love with which the garment was made. It doesn’t matter what you're wearing, when you put on this coat you look classy and feel amazing."

 Jenna Pant & New York Coat