Make it yours / Elise Veenstra - The Make

What inspires you day to day?

Music and my grand piano inspire me every day...and I wish I had more time to play!

What does fashion mean to you?

I have always been loving it my whole life...and after working over 30 years in fashion I still love it every day. Even more since I run my own company, a clothing production agency. I collaborate with big fashion brands and retailers.

What type of garment will always be part of your wardrobe?

A Blazer will always be part of my wardrobe.

Which item of The Make do you love most?

My perfect Black Blazer, the Bothilda Classic Blazer this one is really the best.

Is there a specific woman you admire? And why?

No, there is not really one specific woman for me.. I am surrounded by many powerful ladies both in my work and in my social life and I admire most of them a lot.

The Make Woman Elise Veenstra