Make it yours / Suzan Jacobs - The Make

What does slow fashion mean to you?

To me slow fashion means slowing down the hyper speed of current fashion trends and cheap fast fashion productions. As a sustainable fashion expert, I do know that that always comes with a price for the planet and the people who make the garments. I believe that we need to re-value good design, high-quality products, durable and sustainable fabrics, and personal style. Since I no longer buy items that I don’t really need, I feel much happier (and I even save money). I decided to invest in quality instead of quantity. 

What type of garment will always be part of your wardrobe?

A nice fresh and crisp blue shirt that I wear a bit oversized. Preferably made of GOTS cotton. I wear it as an over-shirt on summer holidays, or underneath a warm sweater in winter. Or I pair it with denim pants.

What do you like about The Make?

There are many new and small brands that share the same vision. A more sustainable and responsible approach of fashion. The Make is unique because they have their own garment factory. So, for sure that part of the supply chain is 100% traceable and transparent. Besides that, the people behind The Make are dedicated to their passion: designing and crafting beautiful garments.

What do you think the future of fashion will look like?

I can’t predict the future, but I am sure that younger generations will make different choices because they are more aware of the impact of fashion. People will probably change their shopping behavior. The wardrobe of the future will be a mix of sustainable products, vintage items and probably rented or shared pieces.

The Make Suzan Jacobs